Erin Pinsince

Candidate for: 3rd District, Board of Education

Erin PinsinceErin Pinsince is a lifelong Milford resident and proud graduate of Jonathan Law High School. Her son Jack is growing up in the Milford Public School System. Erin has a B.S. in Biology with her professional certification to teach secondary education.

  • Cellular Biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Lauralton Hall
  • PTA Treasurer, Meadowside Elementary
  • National Honor Society moderator, Lauralton Hall
  • Sophomore Class moderator, Lauralton Hall
  • Junior and senior prom coordinator, Lauralton Hall
  • Former substitute teacher for the Milford Board of Education and former para-educator at Foran High

With over a decade of experience teaching in Milford, Erin takes pride in preparing students as citizens in a safe and effective learning environment.

“I would be honored to serve the Milford community on the Board of Education.”