Jim Quish

Candidate for: 3rd District, Planning & Zoning

Jim QuishJim was raised in Milford. After living in Boston for a decade and having children Jim and his wife Lisa choose to move back to Milford to bring up their family. Jim is principal of two businesses in Milford, Integrated Building Services and Integrated Energy Solutions. Jim is an outspoken opponent of CGS 830-G projects, allowing the developers to by-pass municipal zoning laws.

  • Currently sits on the Planning and Zoning Board
  • BS, Northeastern University, 1980
  • Served on the Milford Board of Education
  • Permanent School Facilities Building Committee

Jim and his wife Lisa have three grown children, Ed, Katie and James.

“As an entrepreneur and business owner I understand business; I am pro-business and pro-development and I work to accommodate businesses and homeowners alike who are investing their energy and money into Milford. I am, however, an opponent of development that causes harm to neighborhoods and to the people who live and work in them.”