Warren Pawlowski

Candidate for: 3rd District, Board of Education

Warren PawlowskiWarren is an author, editor, marketer, social media aficionado, graphic designer, woodworker, and, most importantly, husband and father. He’s running for the Board of Education to help ensure Milford’s education system is the best it can be—both for his son Matthew and every other child in the city.

  • Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology at the University of Connecticut
  • Instructional aide and substitute at Cooperative Educational Services (CES), Fairfield County
  • An editor and marketing services manager for the Oxford division of UnitedHealthcare.
  • Author of two novels, Sanity’s Flaw and The Nobodies, and produces a bimonthly video series

Having lived and loved the city for more than eight years, Warren is eager to serve the great people of Milford–including its next generation.

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